World Space Week Day 8 - 11.10.12

Dear All,

The program of Gujarat Police Academy postponed as boys had to go for "Bandobast" :) Once again the hall was over jam packed as this time remaining 350 students and few officers enjoyed the presentation.

They all were charged up as they had some clue through their friends, what I was suppose to present :)

It was once again supperb program and I enjoyed it fully...I also showed them "Power of 10" after my presentation and they appreciated it from the heart.

Place : Gujarat Police Academy, Karai

Participants : 350+

World Space Week Day 7 : Program at HLIC

Dear All,

It was really odd for me at first to promote my Astronomy lecture at college by moving from one class to other and ask all to join at auditorium of HLIC and came back home. Paragbhai at HL told me that even if 20-30 attends, it would be nice :(

Frankly, I am called by many for the lecture and here it was otherway round :)

Anyway, when I reached back again at auditorium, more than 50 students were in, and by the time i could set up and start, very few chairs remained empty :) The capacity would be around 250 or so.

I delivered new multi-media here as, they belong to commerce stream. I presented "Accounting of Universe". In the beginning, they were murmuring and making some noise at back but then it turned out to b an interesting to them too. They remained in chair for 1 and half hour...OMG

Yes, at the end, I felt very happy to deliver lecture to very interesting students. They asked many questions and wanted to ask more even after time up...So, I asked to give their names at office and decided to come back again for few curious students.

Place          : H.L. Institute of Commerce
Participants : 220 +

World Space Week :: Day 6 - Program 2

Dear All,

After cancelling 2nd program at one B.Ed college due to some reason, 3rd program started at 4 pm at Gujarat Police Academy.

There were 250 students of police academy headed by Shri Atul karwalji. They were amazed to see the multi-media. They asked few questions and enjoyed the show for more than 100 minutes.

They saw such space program for the first time so the happiness and excitement cant be described in words.

Place           : Gujarat Police Academy, Karai
Participants : 250

World Space Week Day 6 :: Prog 1 @ Udgam School

Dear All,

It was wonderful beginning since morning. When I reached Udgam School, it was all nearly set to throw open the exhibition prepared by 10 students.

I was little skeptical for cent percent success of the exhibition as, I asked them to run the show on their own. They were confident and I trusted. All students were very excited and assured me for success.

In the evening, I was very happy to take supper dupper reports from participants. They were very happy for the day. Many classes and parents visited the exhibition hall and appreciated all students for their work and superb models, charts, ppt, etc. Children also conducted quiz and gifted them for their correct answers.

Nearly all visitors gave 5 star rating for their work and appreciated :)

Kudos :)))

World Space Week Day 4 - 07.10.2012

Dear All,

The presentation to AGIANS - A.G.High School Alumni Association members was organized. Much efforts were made to show to many but very few turned up but...those who came had a wonderful time roaming around the Universe.

Tanmaye Vyas

World Space Week - Preparation Day

Dear All,

Today was preparation day at Udgam school, Thaltej. 10 students are actively preparing a wonderful exhibition in their school to celebrate WSW.

I gave them rough idea and they took up the challenge with great enthusiasm. They are preparing models, posters, timelines, slide shows, etc.

Kudos to USA (Udgam Smart Astronomers) Club.

World Space Week Day 2 - Presentation 2

Dear All,

Supper experience at my second lecture today at CALORX Teacher's University. It is placed far inside near Greenwoods, 200 ft ring road. I never knew this place before. Nice embience.

Once again 2nd & 3rd year B.Ed students but from Rural area :) The best part was when I started my lecture in Gujarati language...and said that I don't know English :( They were all shocked and I couldn't believe what they were expecting from me. Looking to their expressions, when I said ok ok "I will deliver the lecture in english language" their faces turned happy with broad smile :-D

Wow...1st lecture at AGTC, Navrangpura in Gujarati and 2nd lecture for Rural students in English :)

Anyway...once again it was great time with really enthu students. They asked numerous quetions and enjoyed my multimedia presentation with dropped jaw...

Place          : CALORX Teachers' University
Participants : nearly 200